DBD22 - DCC Block Detector Wiring Information

Typical Wiring:
Below is a picture showing the wiring of several DBD22s with a couple of SIC24ADs. The track feeder wire for one rail of the block is passed through the hole in the sensor before connecting the feeder to the track. The track feeder wire sheathing should not be removed. The screw terminal blocks provide for easy connection to the track wiring.

The DBD22s are powered from one of the SIC24ADs. The SIC24ADs are powered from 12 volts DC.

The SIC24ADs have several TSAs plugged into the 10 pin connectors. TSAs have screw terminals and built-in LED current limit resistors. This makes it very easy to connect the signal head wiring to the SIC24ADs.

dbd22 wiring