SC8 - Servo Controller Application Information

Number of Servos:
The total number of servos the SC8 can power depends on the servos that are used. In general for small servos, like used for turnouts, a total of 9 or 10 will probably work. Some brands of servos draw more current than others. One way to tell is if when the SC8 is powered on, the servo "jump" to some position. This is not always true either because some servos jump or twitch when power is applied regardless. TowerPro servos are not recommended because they draw more current than others.

To use more than 10 servos or you determine there is a problem with too many servos, use the separate 5 volt input on the SC8 to power the servos. That requires a 5 volt power supply.

A  "Y" cable can be used to control two servos from one output. However, outputs 1 and 5 have two connections on the SC8, so a Y may not be required for short runs.

Known issues:
Versions before V16 had an issue with output 4 center position. Versions before V17 had incorrect CV numbers for servo direction 2.