Servette™ controlling a Servo and Tortoise™

The Servette™ is programmed from the factory (default) for the servo and relay to work together for turnout control. The servo output and relay have the same address. That is, when the servo is commanded to move the turnout points, the relay follows to route power to the turnout frog and/or reverse loop.
In some cases it may be desirable to control the servo and relay independently. By programming the Servette™ for Mode 1, the servo and relay each have their own address (default - servo 1, relay 9). If a Tortoise™ is connected to the relay it can be controlled separately from the servo.
This diagram shows connections for a Tortoise™ being driven with approximately track voltage (12 volts). Wires can be soldered to the two holes in the circuit board and connected to the relay. These provide rectified track voltage to power the Tortoise™.

If you want the Tortoise™ to move slower, this diagram shows connections for 5 volts.