SSS - Simple Signal System

Make your layout exceptional by enhancing it with signals. Now you can have operating signals on your layout without the complexity of most signal systems. The SSS (Simple Signal System) makes it easy to implement operating signals. No programming is required. Just by connecting block detectors to the SSS inputs and signals to the SSS outputs, a signal system of up to 8 signals can be created. Optionally the system can easily indicate turnout state be connecting turnout contacts to the SSS inputs.

Control up to 8 three aspect signals
Control red and green signals
Control red, yellow and green signals
No programming required
Easy installation
Compatible with Team Digital DBD22

MSRP - 59.95 USD includes SSS board and 5 TSA boards
Manual in PDF format

SSS board size: 2.2" X 4.0"
SSS board with TSAs plunged in

Any combination of red and green signals or red, yellow and green signals can utilized. There is no provision for flashing signals. Only common anode LEDs (signals) are supported.

TSAs (Terminal Screw Adapter) are used to easily connect wires to the SSS inputs and outputs. The TSA has built in resistors so the wires from the signal LEDs can be connected without any addition components.

The SSS is designed to make adding signals to your layout very simple. This also means there are limitations on the types of signal configurations. In other words many prototypical configurations will not be possible. Here are three examples that could be implemented.
Here is an example that can NOT be implemented. Specifically SSS does not have the capability for heads H3 and H4 to be set to red by B1 and SW1.