09/13/18 SHD2 discontinued
07/6/18 SRC162e and CSCe discontinued
04/25/18 SIC24e discontinued
10/05/17 SC82 and CCK discontinued
04/25/16 CSCe Replaces the CSC
03/24/16 SRC162e Replaces the SRC162
09/14/15 SIC24e Available
09/14/15 SC82 Available
08/31/15 SIC24AD discontinued
08/07/15 DCCBoost Available
08/05/15 SC8 discontinued
07/27/15 ABS Signal Simulator
03/12/15 SRC16 discontinued
03/11/15 CSC announced
10/01/14 SRC162 announced
06/07/14 DCCBreak announced
06/18/13 SHD2 announced
05/31/13 Revise website
03/29/13 SIC24AD Logic Cell Simple Simulator introducted
04/04/11 SMD84 announced
04/04/11 SMD4 Servo Package and Servette Servo Package discontinued
03/23/11 SRC16 price increasse
07/10/10 BlocD8 announced
12/14/09 Servette announced
11/03/09 Tech Talk video showing semaphore with buffer cylinder speed
11/02/09 SMC4 with buffer cylinder speed
12/17/08 SIC24AD replaces SIC24
09/19/08 SRC16 replaces SRC8
09/19/08 MotoD announced
08/22/08 Cable Connector Kit available
02/28/08 SRC8 panel control example added to Tech Talk
12/15/07 SMC4 Tech Talk Videos
12/15/07 SMC4 controlling ABS signals Application
12/15/07 SMC4 announced
11/05/07 Using the SRC8 to indicate a Route Application
06/09/07 Using the SRC8 to drive Tortoise™ Application
05/28/07 DBD22 block detector replaces DBD2
05/15/07 SRC8 and DCC Specialties Products Application
04/20/07 New version of SMD82 DecoderPro file - See Support Tools pag
04/18/07 Revised website
12/15/06 Added User Page
11/04/06 Two JMRI scripts added to the Support Tools page
10/06/06 Updated version of SMD82 file for DecoderPro on Support Tools page
08/30/06 New product announced (SMD82)
08/30/06 The SMD8 is discontinued
08/18/06 Additional DBD2 application information to drive remote LEDs
02/23/06 Revised SIC24 xml file for DecoderPro (see Support Tools page)
12/22/05 Product files for DecoderPro (see Support Tools page)
10/14/05 The SMD2 is discontinued
09/02/05 New contact information
06/05/05 SIC24 Tips for Successful Operation (see SIC24 application page)
04/30/05 Using a DB4 with a SIC24 (see SIC24 application page)
11/03/04 New product accessory (TSA)
07/17/04 New version of PH Tool and DBD2 sensitivity information
04/08/04 New version of LN Programming Tool
03/19/04 New version of LN Message Too
03/01/04 SMD2 price reduced
02/12/04 New version of PH Tool (for use with NCE Powerhouse Pro)
02/05/04 New SMD8 Cal by Steve Baggo
01/03/04 New LN tools
01/02/04 New products announced