Fascia Panels

This is a picture of a fascia panel at Leesburg used to control turnouts in a small yard servicing a granary and scrap yard. The idea was to have the LEDs not only serve as the turnout state indicates, but used as a push button. A picture frame was used for the panel and hinged at the top. The desire was to keep the panel close to the fascia so as not to be hit be someone walking by, yet easy to use by swing up.
The track diagram was drawn on a computer, then printed and laminated. It was glued to the plexiglas that came with the picture frame. Then the holes were drilled through the 1/8" plxiglas and laminated track diagram for the LEDs.

This shows the backside of the panel as it is lifted up.

This shows a SC8 servo controller for turnout control and a SIC24 for panel LED indicators and switch control.

This shows the action when a LED is pushed. Click on the picture for the action.

We are going to experiment using Touch Triggers by Berrett Hill for the steel mill enterance panel. There is no need to drill holes. Below are pictures of the panel with the Touch Triggers installed.
The color of the track sentiment indicates the turnout direction based on the color of the LED.

The Touch Triggers are attached with double sided scott tape.