Tech Talk

Switch Machines
Purpose and types of switch machines

Decoder Addressing
Comparing Locomotive and Accessory decoder addressing

Power Suppies
Understanding filtering and regulation

Track Power
Information about boosters and track voltage

Resistive Wheel Set
Used for block detection.

Turnouts and Signals
using an accessory bus

Dispatcher Control
of turnouts and signals

Turnout Control NCE
Turnout control with NCE and JMRI

BlocD8 with NCE and JMRI
BlocD8 and SIC24AD with NCE and JMRI

ABS Signal Simulator
Interactive signal simulator

LocoBuffer Standalone
Using a LocoBuffer in standalone operation

Fascia Panels
Pictures and some discussion on panels

Various pictures and some discussion on aspects of model RR.

Tech Talk Video
Videos to help you with our products.