LocoBuffer StandAlone Operation

General Operation:
Many Team Digital products can be connected to an accessory bus. An accessory bus is defined as an independent serial bus separate from the throttle bus. It provides a way for accessory devices to communicate with each other. In some cases it is desirable to connect this serial bus to a computer. This can be achieved by using a LocoBuffer manufactured by RR-CirKits.

In a Digitrax DCC system the Locobuffer is normally powered from the Rail Sync lines (1 and 6) in the LocoNet® cable. The accessory bus is compatible with LocoNet® but does not have any power on the Rail Sync lines. So for the Locobuffer to work in a standalone mode power must be provided. One way to power the Rail Sync lines is shown in the diagram below. In this diagram a Team Digital BlocD8 is connect to the accessory bus to provide block status information to JMRI via a Locobuffer. When the Locobuffer is powered correctly both its green LEDs will be lite. The red LED will flash with loconet traffic.

The 12VDC power supply must be completely independent and isolated from other power supply grounds. This power supply can not be used to power the BlocD8.

locobuffer standalone

Some Team Digital products like the SRC16 and SIC24AD have a Rail Sync connector. If one of these products is being used, Locobuffer power can be supplied via that connector.

locobuffer standalone