Turnout Frog Power

A turnout (switch) can be the source of various problems in a model railroad. One problem can be a locomotive hesitating as it goes through a turnout. This can be caused by a frog with no power. If you have a turnout(s) that has the capability to have the frog powered you can improve locomotive operation. This shows how a Team Digital Servette can control a turnout using a servo and route power to the frog.
Click on the yellow button to simulate the turnout point movement by a servo. Notice how the relay routes the correct rail polarity to the frog. The wiring shown below is very close to the actual except for Wire 1 and Wire 2. These wires make have to be reversed at the relay terminals so that the correct rail polarity gets to the frog. This will be determined by the way the servo is mounted and linked to the turnout.